California Licensed Attorney

Spain Advisors’ founder, Mark Carr, is an attorney licensed to practice in California. He can assist Spanish, European and USA citizens with legal matters related to the USA.


Based on our experience, we understand USA law and procedure. Thus, we can give you sound advice on how to proceed in the USA. This will save you time, aggravation and perhaps money.

A Spaniard’s Typical USA Legal Case

Joaquin was a Spanish citizen living in the USA. He died leaving $30,000 in a pension account for his brother, Juan, a Spanish citizen living in Spain. To obtain the money, Juan had to get a US taxpayer ID number and file an application. He also needed Joaquin’s USA death certificate, with an apostille, for use in Spain. The basic procedures for this is described below.

USA Legal Representation

We can advise and represent you in the USA for the legal matters listed below. Call us for free advice. For a quote we’ll need details about your case.

  • Getting a US tax ID number, death certificates and other documents
  • Civil matters related to doing business in the USA
  • Criminal defense and related matters involving the USA and other countries
  • Immigration and Visas. We offer general advice and work with a immigration law firm based in the USA

USA Taxes

USA Tax law changes frequently. Tax advice, and form preparation, requires an IRS-certified tax specialist. We partner with one who can file your USA tax forms and answer your questions. Below are some basic requirements.


This must be attached to some USA documents for their use in Spain and other countries. Online services charge a lot to get one. Contact us to save money.

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