Spain Advisors founder, Mark Carr, is an attorney licensed to practice law in California since 1992
“As a USA attorney, Mr. Carr is qualified to assist Spanish, European and USA citizens with legal matters pending in the USA. He understands USA law and procedure and has helped dozens of non-Americans resolve their legal issues in a timely, cost-effective manner”.
Need advice?
USA services we provide
“Money issues and releasing funds from a USA bank, state government, etc.”
“Getting a US tax ID number (ITIN), death, birth, marriage and other government documents.”
“Doing business and criminal matters in the USA.”
“USA tax issues: We refer you to a specialist in Barcelona.”
Common Questions
Who pays the real estate agent?
To avoid paying too much or having post-purchase regrets. Non-Spaniards are at a natural disadvantage with the language and different rules.
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How paid the real state agent?
The seller pays the agent a commission on the sale. It ranges from 3 to 6%.
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How do I know if the price I see online is fair?
There is no standard or ‘market’ value for property in or near Barcelona. The propertys are too distinct.
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Is March 2019 a good time to buy?
s good a time as any. Property prices in Barcelona have been going up for several years and it's likely to conitinue.
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