Spain Advisors founder, Mark Carr, is an attorney licensed to practice law in California since 1992

As a USA attorney, Mr. Carr is qualified to assist Spanish, European and USA citizens with legal matters pending in the USA. He understands USA law and has helped dozens of non-Americans resolve their legal issues in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Need advice?
USA services we provide
“Money issues and releasing funds from a USA bank, state government, etc.”
“Getting a US tax ID number (ITIN), death, birth, marriage and other government documents.”
“Doing business and criminal matters in the USA.”
“USA tax issues: We refer you to a specialist in Barcelona.”
Common Questions
Who pays the real estate agent?
To avoid paying too much or having post-purchase regrets. Non-Spaniards are at a natural disadvantage with the language and different rules.
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How paid the real state agent?
The seller pays the agent a commission on the sale. It ranges from 3 to 6%.
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How do I know if the price I see online is fair?
There is no standard or ‘market’ value for property in or near Barcelona. The propertys are too distinct.
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Is March 2019 a good time to buy?
s good a time as any. Property prices in Barcelona have been going up for several years and it's likely to conitinue.
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