Spanish NIE’s and Visas

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This is a tax ID number for non-Spanish citizens. It connects them to the Spanish government and is required to do several things in Spain: hire internet service, utilities, buy property, accept a job, etc.

Immigrant Visa

This allows a citizen of a Non-European Union country to live in Spain legally. Some also allow them to work. Citizens of an EU country already have these rights and do not need an Immigrant Visa.


NIE’s – Two Types


Resident NIE or Certificate of Residence

It’s For: A citizen of a European Union (EU) country, Switzerland or Norway who qualifies as a Spanish ‘resident‘ (for a definition see the FAQ below). They must apply for a ‘Certificate of Residence’ and on the certificate is the NIE.
Process. Apply at the police station in the Spanish municipality where you live. The processing time depends on the station, in Barcelona about three weeks.

Non-Resident NIE

It’s For: Citizens of the EU who don’t qualify as a Spanish ‘resident’ and all non-EU citizens. It’s a piece of paper with the NIE written on it. It only allows you to do certain acts in Spain, such as hire utilities or buy property. It does not allow you to live or work in Spain. To do this you must go through the immigration process.
Process. Apply at any authorized police station or a Spanish embassy. The processing time varies, in Barcelona about three weeks.

Immigrant Visas


Citizens of a Non-EU country must have an Immigrant Visa, called a Residence Permit, to live or work in Spain legally. Citizens of some countries, such as the USA, may reside in Spain for 90 days without a visa, but for any time beyond that a Visa is required. We assist with two types.


I. Golden (or Property) Visa

It’s for people who purchase Spanish property, stock or national bonds. It allows you to work and there is no residency requirement. This means you don’t have to live or file an income tax return in Spain.

II. Wealth Visa

In Spanish it’s called ‘Visa no Lucrativa’. It’s for people who can show they have a certain amount of monthly income, or savings, to live in Spain. It does not allow you to work.

Basic Requirements

Normally you apply at the Spanish Embassy in your resident country. Your spouse, and children under 18 years old, may be included on your application. Below are some of the required documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Need some help?

We can obtain a NIE for you in Barcelona fast and cheap. For taxes, we work with a Spanish tax attorney who specializes on tax issues for non-Spaniards. These issues can be tricky. A good tax attorney is very important. Feel free to call or email for some advice. Thanks again for visiting our site.

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