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Buy Property

Professional assistance locating and purchasing quality real estate in Barcelona. See below for details & fees.

NIE’s & Visas

Obtain a Spanish ID number (NIE) or a visa to live in Spain (see below for fees).

Financial Services

Open a Spanish bank account, advise on mortgages and money transfers (see below for fees).


Will preparation for each country where you own assets (see below for fees).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Negotiating the Price of Property in Barcelona
Contact us before you agree to a price, we can save you money. There is no guarantee, but hiring someone with experience negotiating with agents in Barcelona can make a difference. For us to be effective, please do not discuss price with the seller or their agent. Read a true story.

Buy Property Services*

You have not decided to buy yet. You just want to see some properties and learn about the market.

  • You send us your buying specifications (wish list)
  • We send you descriptions of properties that meet them
  • You select the property(s) you want us to visit
  • We visit the property and report on its positive and negative aspects and give advice
  • You may or may not accompany us on the visits

Fee: 100€ per property

This includes the Search Service plus:

  • We research the property’s public records to find unpaid mortgages, building repairs and other issues
  • We use this information to negotiate the price
  • We send you a detailed report of the property, its price and give advice

Fee: 250€ per property

You found the property you want to buy and agreed to a price. Now you want to hire a specialist to manage the purchase process. We do the following:

  • Advise on getting a mortgage and transferring money
  • Analyze legal documents to confirm the true owner, property dimensions, unpaid mortgages and related issues
  • Meet with the property manager to discuss the building, its condition and repairs
  • Negotiate the pre-sales contract(s) 
  • Prepare for closing with the Notary and accompany you to sign the deed
  • Provide post-purchase advice on property tax filing, utilities and related matters

Fee: 1,800€, valid for two properties.

This covers all three services:

  • Search Service: Locate your property
  • Due Diligence Service: Research the property and negotiate the price
  • Manage Purchase Process Service: Guide you through the purchase from start to close

Fee: 2,250€

This relates to properties located in rural areas and small towns.  They’re called ‘rustic’ properties. The purchase process normally requires more work due to zoning laws and other local issues.

Fee: 2,500€

* You can hire these services individually or hire the complete service.

Our Fees

By Telephone: Free
In Office: 25€ per hour

For details of these services please see above under ‘Buy Property Services’.

1) Search Service. 100€ per property.

2) Due Diligence Service. 250€ per property.

3) Manage the Purchase Process. 1,800€, valid for two properties. For properties valued over 500,000€, 1% of the purchase price or less, depending on the property and price.

4) Complete Service. 2,250€, valid for two properties. For properties valued over 500,000€, 1% of the purchase price or less, depending on the property and price.

5) Rural Property. 2,500€. For properties valued over 500,000€, 1% of the purchase price depending on the property and price.

6) Commercial Property. 2,000€. For properties valued over 500,000€, 1% of the purchase price depending on the property and price.

1) Property Tax Preparation. For a property with no renters: 250€ per year.

2) Property Tax Preparation. For a property with renters, includes quarterly and annual forms. 750€ per year.

3) Tax Representative Service. We act as your tax representative to receive notices and communicate with Spain’s tax authority. 150€ per year.

4) Rental advice, draft leases, etc.: 150€/hour

1) NIE: For non-EU residents & EU-residents who are not Residents of Spain: 200€

2) Certificate of Registration: For EU-Residents who are Residents of Spain: 350€

1) Individual Account: 100€

2) Individual Account we manage with a Power of Attorney: 250€

3) Company Account: 400€

Complex tax issues require the assistance of a Spanish tax attorney.  We work with one who charges between 200€ per hour. 

The fee ranges from 1,000€ to 5,000€. It depends on the country, assets, heirs, terms of disposition, tax issues and other factors.
1) Golden or Property Visa: 2,500€; there is a discount for clients who also hire a Property Purchase service.

2) Wealth or ‘No Lucrativo’ Visa: 2,500€

We offer a wide variety of legal services related to the United States. The fee depends on the service requested.

All prices quoted include taxes. They do not include third-party costs. Below is a list of the most common.

  • Travel costs outside of Barcelona
  • Public Notary. Deeds, wills and other legal documents must be signed before a Spanish public notary. Their fee depends on the service.
  • Registration Fees. Public documents must be filed with the government. The fee ranges from 250€ to 600€. 
  •  Translations. From English to Spanish and vice-versa. We offer a service at a very competitive rate.
  • Specialist. Some purchases require the assistance of a specialist such as an architect, mortgage intermediary or tax advisor. We can work with several and can quote you their fee beforehand.

Ready to Get Started?

Doing business in a foreign country is not easy. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, it’s normal. For free advice, simply call or email us. We answer emails promptly. For more service details, please request a written proposal. Thanks again for your visit.

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