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These are real clients telling their experiences about buying property and living in Barcelona and about Spain Advisors. Please share your experience by clicking on the link.

Parish Nystrom


I began my search in Italy and Portugal, but decided to buy in Barcelona. It’s vibrant and full of life like London, but small enough not to be stressful. After searching online, I decided to visit Barcelona to get to know the city. I saw about 100 flats. Probably too many, but I wanted to explore Barcelona to decide where to live. Each neighborhood is diverse; with its own character and vibe. I met several real estate agents along the way. I would say 30% were very good; 20% were not reliable at all and the other 40% were OK but had to be watched closely. One word of caution: Always measure the flat’s floor size yourself; agents like to embellish this.

Things can happen very quickly. If you find a good deal, you’ll have to move fast or lose it. Have the attorney lined up, make an offer and close the deal. I lost a flat because another buyer got their first. Regarding price, compare neighborhood sqm prices and pay the average or lower unless the flat has a unique feature like spectacular views or abundance of light. And don’t get taken for a ride. Do the homework. Learn the process and what documents the Seller must show you. Don’t argue instead be polite, brief and firm. It will be appreciated. Knowing some basic Spanish helps.

I bought a 112 square meter flat for about 40% less than the price in London. I use it as a remote workplace and visit Barcelona frequently. I bought in the Born area. I like the Born and Old Town area. It’s trendy with mostly young people and a lot of innovative ‘designer’ stores which suits me as I work in advertising. Nearby is a large park (Ciutadella) and the beach. They’re renovating several buildings in the area which should increase property values. I believe it’s a good investment. Among the different areas of Barcelona I saw:

Poble Nou. If I bought now I might buy in Poble Nou. It’s more industrial; but it’s spacious with wide streets, plenty of natural light and it’s near the beach. It’s an up-and coming area with several renovation projects; a good investment.
Poble Sec is a traditional part of Barcelona with a central location and lot of families. There are some nice pedestrian streets and it’s also being renovated.
Gracia is a very traditional Catalan area with trendy stores, lively streets and good restaurants; very popular.
Eixample is a general mix of urban city life, more conservative with families.

Jasper Stein


My wife and I saw about ten flats and met several real estate agents. Their goal, obviously, is to show the property’s positive aspects and persuade you to buy for the listed price. It’s important to remember that they earn a commission of the sale’s price. When we expressed an interest in a flat, they applied some pressure on us to force to a decision. Sometimes after only one visit.

Mark’s service removed a lot of this stress and made things significantly easier. He explained to the agent that we were interested in the flat, but wanted to research the property first, then make a decision. Remember, as the buyer, take your time and conduct due diligence on the property, then decide. I would definitely recommend Spain Advisors to friends who were planning to buy property here. So far everything seems great with the flat.

Bob and Teresa Hunter

New York

My wife and I found Mark as we began our quest to find a second home in Barcelona. Not only were we very happy with the service he provided on the legal front, he gave us invaluable advice as to how to best to look and judge potential properties. He also educated as to potential pitfalls to look out for. When we did find the property to buy, he was invaluable in working with the seller’s representatives in all aspects of the closing deal. We encountered unforeseen obstacles when we tried to close the deal, Mark made sure our rights were fully protected and worked with the seller to help them overcome the issue. In the end he was able to close the deal on our behalf after we returned to the United States. We wholeheartedly trust Mark and recommend him to anyone looking to purchase property in Spain.

Andrew Arrieta


In 2015, I bought a flat in the Poble Sec area of Barcelona. My spouse and I wanted a vacation home in Spain. In 2015, we visited Barcelona and just fell in love with it. We saw a flat in Poble Sec and decided to buy on the spot. The flat was low-priced with good renovation potential. And Poble Sec offers everything we wanted: easy access to the beach and city center, meters from the parks of Mount Juric, shady streets, good views and not too much tourism. One problem was time. We had a flight back to London leaving in two days and needed some legal help. Fortunately we got Mark’s name and saw him that same day. He got us Spanish ID numbers, a bank account and took care of everything. He made things very easy for us. Since the purchase we’ve renovated the flat and are very happy with it. We spend several weeks a year in Barcelona and really enjoy it; as do our friends.

Daniel Zaynullin


My experience with Spain Advisors was great and I had no problems at all. I searched for a flat for about 2 months and saw about 30. I advise you buy soon as prices are going up and good flats are selling like hot cakes. But check all aspects of the property very carefully first, there may be hidden problems without a solution. I am very happy with the property I bought, it was well below my budget and renovations were already done so no headache of buying materials/looking for contractors. The purchase went smooth. I would recommend Spain Advisors to a friend, definitely.

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