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in Barcelona


Get There First

Some of the best properties are sold before they go online through a network of owners, agents and property searchers. We find and send you these unlisted properties. We just need your search details and an email address. 

Submit Search Details

Advice from a client


Jasper and Keava bought a flat in the Carmel area of Barcelona in May of 2017. "We saw about ten flats and met several real estate agents. Their goal is to show the property’s positive aspects and persuade you to buy. It’s important to remember that they earn a commission of the sell’s price.


The Search Process

1. Initial Consulation

  • You tell us what you’re looking for and your budget
  • We show you the best areas to buy, taxes & total costs
  • We give mortgage advice, search tips, pitfalls, tricks, etc.

2. Property Search

  • You send us your property requirements & desires
  • We send you properties that meet them
  • You tell us which ones to visit

3. Visit the Property

  • We meet the owner or their agent and search the property for positive and negative aspects
  • We report back to you with photos and a summary
  • You decide if you want to proceed

4. Due Diligence

  • We research the property’s legal documents
  • Our goal is to uncover adverse information related to the property, its owner, tax liens, mortgages, the building, etc. 
  • Negotiate a price
  • You decide if you want to buy


How We Search

Over the years, we’ve established strong ties to owners, developers and brokers in the real estate market. Some don’t advertise or show their properties. They prefer to sell them without paying an agent.

We get their properties and send them to you, before anyone knows they’re on sale. You decide if it’s worth a visit and we go from there. This will save you the time and frustration of looking online, calling agents, arranging visits, etc.


Due Diligence – A MUST in Barcelona

We investigate the property to uncover the negative information, then negotiate a price. This includes:

  • Analyze public records to confirm the property’s correct dimensions, the true owner(s), unpaid mortgages and tax liens.
  • Investigate the building’s physical condition and repair history. Owners must pay for repairs, and they can be expensive.
  • Research zoning laws and use restrictions that affect the property.
  • We work with local architects who inspect the property for structural defects and renovation possibilities.

With this information, you decide if the price is fair.


Property Search Tips

Properties that need work can offer the best value for your money. You can buy at a reduced price, renovate to suit your tastes, and increase the property’s value. We can recommend architects and interior designers to assist.

Live your Dream in Barcelona!

The Culture, Warm Weather, Cuisine, History. It’s a relaxed lifestyle in an exciting place.