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The best properties are sold before they go online. We contact brokers to get their unlisted properties and send them to you. 


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Oliver from London bought a flat in the near Plaza Born. “I searched for a year and looked at over 50 flats. When you find the FLAT, tell the advisor to see it right away and review the legal documents. If everything is OK, make an offer. Nice flats at good prices don’t last long. I lost a really nice place because someone else got there first. Knowing some Spanish helps”.

Oliver reflects on the neighborhoods he visited:

Born. “I like it a lot. It’s trendy with mostly young people and innovative stores. There’s a large park (Ciutadella) nearby and the beach is just a few blocks away.”

Poble Nou. “If I bought now, I might buy in Poble Nou. It’s spacious with wide streets, natural light and near the beach. It’s up-and coming with several renovation projects. A good investment.”

Poble Sec. “A traditional part of Barcelona with a central location and a lot of families. There are some nice pedestrian streets and a lot of renovation projects.”

Gracia. “A very traditional Catalan area with trendy stores, lively streets and good restaurants; very popular.”

Eixample.  “The large grid area. A general mix of urban city life, more conservative with families.”

Plaza Born, Barcelona


The Search Process

1.- Initial Phase

You submit your search details and we send you properties. You tell us which ones to visit.

2. Visit the Property

We inspect for defects, ask questions and take photos. We invite you to come with us.


3.- Report to You

We send you a report of the property and advise on its price, location, condition, etc.

4.- Informed Decision

You compare options and decide if you want to investigate the property further.


How We Work

We have strong ties to developers and large property owners. They prefer not to advertise their flats and show them to numerous visitors. It’s a hassle.

We get their flats and send them to you; before anyone else knows they’re on sale. Then you decide if it’s worth a vist and we go from there. This method saves you a lot of time and frustration. 

Request Free Advice

Due Diligence – A MUST in Barcelona.

Agents list for the price they want and hope you’ll pay it. We investigate the property to uncover any negative information, then negotiate the price. This includes:

  • Analyze the land registry report to find the property’s correct dimensions, the true owner(s), unpaid mortgages, and related info.
  • Talk to people who live in the building about the neighbors and neighborhood.
  • Speak with the property manager about the building’s condition and repairs. Flat owners must pay them and they can be expensive.
  • We work with an English-speaking architect who can inspect the property for structural defects and renovation possibilities.

With this information, you can decide if the price is fair.


Property Search Tips

Properties that need work can offer the best value for your money. You can buy at a reduced price, renovate to suit your tastes, and increase the property’s value. We can recommend architects and interior designers to assist.

Rents are going up in Barcelona so buying to rent out can work. But you have to buy cheap and know all the taxes and maintenance costs. We can provide you with a property-income worksheet and give advice.

You can find some good deals, but there can be issues to resolve, such as someone living in the property.

There is a good chance that the property you visit is over-priced. During the visit, play the reluctant buyer. Never let them think that this is ‘The Flat’.

Live your Dream in Barcelona!

The Culture, Warm Weather, Cuisine, History. It’s a relaxed lifestyle in an exciting place.