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Stages in the Purchase Process

Our fee depends on where you are in the purchase process and the type of property you buy. There are three stages: Search, Investigation (Due Diligence) and Purchase. Below is a summary of each stage with the corresponding fee. Most clients hire us for all three, however some clients find the property themselves and hire us to investigate and manage the purchase. Naturally, the fee depends on the service requested. Please note the fees are different for luxury properties (valued at 500,000€ or more) and properties located outside of the city of Barcelona.

Fees for Property Purchase Services*

You want to search the market for the ideal property, then decide whether to buy.

  • You send us your buying specifications (wish list)
  • We send you six properties that meet them
  • You tell us to visit three of them
  • We arrange an appointment and visit the property(s)
  • We film the property, take pictures and report back to you on its positive and negative aspects
  • You may or may not accompany us on the visits

Fee: 800€ to visit three (3) properties in Barcelona; 1500€ to visit three (3) properties within 30 minutes outside of Barcelona.

  • If you find the property and just want us to see it, give advice, etc. Fee: 75€ per visit, not including travel outside Barcelona

You can hire these services individually or hire the complete service.

Fees for Other Services


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