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Bank Account

We open a bank account for you, or your company, in Barcelona.

Mortgage Advice

We advise on local banks, rates and document requirements. We work with Mortgage Direct, an expert in finding the best terms available. Contact Mortgage Direct Here.

Money Transfer

Bank to bank wire transfers are very expensive. We recommend Smart Currency Exchange, a licensed broker that can save you money. For a free quote please click here: Get a Free Quote

A Client’s True Mortgage Story


Tom found a flat in Barcelona. He applied for a mortgage and the bank gave their ‘preliminary approval’ but not the interest rate or other terms. Under pressure from the real estate agent, Tom paid a 10% deposit for the flat. Finally, two days before closing, the bank told Tom the interest rate and other terms.


How to Get a Mortgage in Spain

We recommend Mortgage Direct. They serve as an intermediary between you and the Spanish bank. They search the market and negotiate for the best terms. Unlike other intermediaries, they are fully independent from the bank. They also provide excellent customer service. See below for the standard document requirements and mortgage terms. Contact Mortgage Direct Here

How to Transfer Money to Spain

Spain Advisors recommends Smart Currency Exchange of London. Smart offers excellent customer service and has transferred billions worth of currency from and to banks all over the world. They specialize in overseas property purchases and charge no commission. Several of our clients have used them. Click below to open an account and get a quote for a transfer.

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How Does Smart Currency Exchange Save You Money

An Exchange Broker

Very Important: Never transfer money from your home-country bank to your Spanish bank. You’ll get a terrible exchange rate and fewer euros for your transfer. Smart transfers a lot of money at one time. Thus, they can use a low exchange rate and still earn themselves a profit. Banks do a one-time transfer and use a high exchange rate, so you get fewer euros for your transfer.

Spain’s ‘Origin of Funds’ Law

Spain requires a property buyer to prove the ‘origin’ of all funds used to buy the property. The ‘origin of funds’ is normally your home-country bank account. However, if your country is considered a ‘fiscal haven’, the bank may require documents showing how you earned the money. Bank requirements in this respect vary greatly. An exchange broker can be a big help.

How to Open a Bank Account in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Would you like some help?

Getting information from banks, especially about their fees, is not easy. You usually get the fee after the service has been provided. We’ve been working with Barcelona banks and mortgage brokers a long time. We can get you the information you need to make decisions. For advice, email or call. Thanks again for visiting our site.

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