Barcelona is
Our Neighborhood

We are Your
Barcelona Property Advisor


Barcelona is
Our Neighborhood

We are Your
Barcelona Property Advisor


About Us

What We Believe

In everything we do, we believe in Absolute Transparency. In everything we do, we believe in achieving an Honest Deal, regardless of where you are from or what you are buying.

How We Work

We achieve an Honest Deal by insisting on access to the important information about the deal, before the deal is signed. If we gain access, we proceed. If not, we don’t as a fair deal is generally not possible.

What We Do

We help Non-Spaniards buy real estate in Barcelona and nearby area.

What We Have Learned

1) Non-Spaniards usually pay too much for property in Barcelona:
“The price was reasonable compared to back home.”
“The real estate agent swore it was fair.”
“We were in a hurry …”

2) Non-Spaniards sometimes regret what they bought:
“The building needs repairs.”
“The flat needs repairs.”
“Noisy street, not safe at night, too hot, too cold …”


The Reason

They did not have enough information about the Property or the Seller before they bought.

Our Solution

Absolute Transparency. Gaining access to the important information about the Property, the Seller and the Real Estate Agent, before you commit to buy. Once we have this insight, we decide together if it’s a good deal for you.


Your Sole Contact in Barcelona

Our Services

In addition to legal guidance for the purchase of property, we provide all related services such as obtaining a Spanish ID and mortgage and post-purchase assistance with tax payments. Our goal is to be your sole contact in Barcelona to make things easier for you. Details on our services.


Who we Are

Mark Carr, Founder

Born and raised in Iowa, USA, Mark’s legal career began as an attorney in San Diego in 1991. He began travelling and, in 2001, moved to Barcelona. He worked in law firms and in real estate for several years before founding Spain Advisors. “I came to study Spanish and decided to stay. I was meeting too many people and having too much fun to leave. I’m married to a Catalan native and we have two children. In 2011, we bought a flat near La Sagrada Familia.”

Contact Info:

Why Barcelona?

One reason is you don’t need a car. You step outside and the city is all around you. I walk to the stores, schools, gym, train station, etc. Barcelona has a public bike system and several bike lanes. Walking and biking become a welcomed part of your daily life (traffic jams and car repairs are over).

Second is the quality of the food. The Mediterranean Cuisine offers a wide variety of healthy and excellent dishes. It’s easy to lose weight here.

Third the city itself. Each neighborhood has its own history and charm. From the cobblestone streets of the medievil ‘Old Town’ to the modern boulevard of ‘Passeig de Gracia’, the sights, sounds, shops and architecture are exceptional.


Ideal Location

The city is conveniently located two hours from the ski slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains and there are several cool beach towns. In the image is Sitges, 30 minutes south.

In short, Barcelona offers a high quality of life with a variety of interesting people and activities, and a great place to own a home.


Our Collaborators

David Martin

An interior designer from the UK, David’s always looking at properties and knows the Barcelona-area housing market very well. His specialty is finding low-priced flats, fixing them up and renting them out. He’s negotiated, bought and renovated several apartments of his own.

Burke Greenwood

A licensed architect from Chicago, Burke surveys residential property for structural damage, energy efficiency, air quality and all factors affecting liveability. Buyers can then better assess the property’s true value, its renovation possibilities and make an informed decision about whether to buy.

Paul Murga

A Barcelona-licensed attorney, Paul specializes in tax, contract and real estate law. Tax questions are always present with property transactions and ownership and must be properly addressed and resolved. Paul is also a licensed translator specializing in legal translations from Spanish to English and vice versa.


Would You Like Assistance?

Buying real estate in a foreign country is not easy. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s normal. The language, websites, trying to find people … we’ve been there. For some free advice, simply complete the form below. We answer emails and messages promptly. Thanks again for visiting our site.

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