We want to help you make Barcelona your home or investment.
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We are a Property Buyer’s Agent

We help you find and buy your ideal property in Barcelona or the area nearby. It's a very personlized service. We spend a lot of time with each client visiting properties, talking to agents and going through the purchase process. We strive to reduce your chances of paying too much or having post-purchase regrets.

Company Founder

Spain Advisor's founder, Mark Carr, is an attorney licensed in California. He practiced law in San Diego for ten years and, in 2001, moved to Barcelona. He worked in law firms specializing in real estate and, in 2015, founded Spain Advisors. In 2010, he and his wife bought an apartment near Sagrada Familia. They have two children ages 15 and 12. 


Promptly resolve problems that arise in the search and purchase process. Non-Spaniards are at a natural disadvantage in Spain with the language, contracts and strange home rules. We carefully explain the details in each step of the process. If we can't get straight answers from the agent, we advise you to pass. It happens.

Sole Contact

We offer the services required to buy and own the property. We work with a mortgage specialist for financing, a local architect for property inspections and a Spanish tax attorney for tax issues. We also partner with a money transfer expert if necessary. Having one contact makes things a lot easier.

Our Collaborators

Mortgage Advisor

We work with Ms. Bozena Brunowska of Mortgage Direct. Bozena is a UK-qualified financial advisor where she lived for 20 years. She has worked in accounting, retail banking and holds a CeMAP mortgage qualification. She can provide a mortgage quote within 24 hours and pre-approval while you are still searching. In 2017, she bought a small farm near Barcelona.

Catalan Architect

Carlos Casablancas is a Barcelona-licensed architect. He graduated from the Técnica Superior d'Arquitectura in Barcelona in 1997, has a masters in Legal and Forensic Architecture and lectures at a local university. He specializes in inspecting property for structural defects, water damage and similar issues. He also designs and manages renovation projects.

Spanish Tax Attorney

We work with an attorney who graduated form the Universidad de Cantabria Law School and has a masters in Spanish taxation. He worked for the Cantabrian government and later for a large Barcelona law firm for several years. He specializes in real estate and property taxes, with an emphasis on cross-border transactions. 

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona offers a high quality of life with a variety of people and activities. 

Sunny Climate.
Located on the Mediterranean Sea with warm summers, little rain and mild winters, you can enjoy the outdoors year round.
It’s home to people from all over the world creating an interesting and tolerant environment.

There’s a neighborhood for everyone: from the medieval Gothic Quarter, the urban Eixample district, the sunny beach area, to the friendly, lower-priced zones on the city’s outskirts.

The Economy.

Barcelona has the strongest economy in Spain and, compared to other large cities, housing prices are very reasonable. Demand for property is constant and construction is booming.

No car needed.

We get around by foot, bike or the underground metro. What a relief not needing a car.

Situated on the Mediterranean Coast, it’s minutes by train to several beach towns and two hours to France and the ski slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains.