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Welcome to Barcelona!

Looking to buy property in Barcelona? You have come to the right place.

Spain Advisors helps you find and buy a property in one of Europe’s most dynamic city. Whether it's a quaint flat in the Gothic Quarter, a sea-front condo in Sitges, or a country home in Catalonia, we got you covered.

Spanish banks lend to foreigners, and the terms are currently highly favorable. We'd be happy to make the introduction. We work with a Spanish tax attorney and can recommend an architect to inspect the property before you buy.

With demand suppressed by COVID, 2021 is a great time to buy. Let's go!

Spain Advisors Videos

Interview with Spain Advisors' CEO

Mark explains the buying process, Barcelona's housing market, and why 2021 is an excellent time to buy a property.

An interview with two of our clients

New Yorkers Bill & Tess Fischer talk about Barcelona, the buying process, and Spain Advisors.

Advice from a Client

"His fee is a very small fraction of the money he saved us by negotiating the price..."

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Dripto Sinha
Dripto Sinha
20:47 03 Jul 22
I just bought a house this past week. It was a roller coaster ride….a long and mostly unpleasant one although I ended up getting... the house I really wanted. Despite it being a buyer’s market, it’s slim pickings. And if you’re an expat like me seeking a mortgage your odds are paper thin.Having gone through a purchase once, I’d strongly recommend getting a lawyer before you go see houses. I knew I should have but I was a bit too eager. This means I had to deal with an incompetent and sleazy real estate agent, the ones you get warned about all the time. Compounded with an unmotivated and stingy seller it made for an arduous buying process.Having Mark on my side helped a lot. He’s been practicing in the real estate space in Catalonia and knows the ins and outs relatively well. My Spanish is very basic so having a native English speaker who can also speak Spanish helped immensely. He took over a lot of things such as dealing with the aforementioned agent, notary and paperwork not to mention overseeing the mortgage clauses. I looked into other lawyers as well before Mark and he was the most reasonable and thorough more
Richard Ormiston
Richard Ormiston
07:54 24 May 22
I was recommended Mark via a colleague. We exchanged over 100 emails during the process of buying the house. Mark was invaluable... because we speak only a little Spanish and so he came to the Notary to translate for us during the mandatory mortgage explanation and test meeting and during the signing of the deed. Things didn't go perfectly smooth, but Mark ensured that we got what we wanted in terms of the content of the Arras contract by pushing back hard against the estate agents who were trying to push the notary costs of registering a pool on us. Mark is a very nice guy, making the whole buying experience much more pleasant. We could have chosen an expensive Spanish lawyer, but dealing with an English native speaker makes a great difference. I could not recommend him enough. Thanks again Mark!read more
19:40 11 Apr 22
My partner and I traveled to Spain 4 times solely to look at properties before we found our Spanish dream home - a flat in El... Gòtico, just like the website mentions. We asked Mark to join us on multiple property visits to give a good idea of value, considerations for the neighborhood, and things to think about that a local would. He has always been incredibly responsive, has asked pointed questions of the sellers' agents, and has provided us with excellent advice at an incredibly reasonable cost. We've been super pleased with our experience and would absolutely recommend him to friends/family that are also considering a second home in more
Peter Avoletta
Peter Avoletta
21:13 06 Dec 21
My wife and I moved to Barcelona from the US 3 years ago and after renting for 2 years we decided it was time to buy. Navigating... the Spain real estate process as expats as well as it being our first home purchase altogether, it was safe to say we were overwhelmed. We reached out to Mark at Spain Advisors after having our first offer rejected and from the start he was helpful, direct, and really easy to work with. We decided we would hire Mark to help us with the offer and purchase process once we found our next property. We found one not too long after and even with multiple offers on the table ahead of us, Mark was able to convince the seller to go with us! I’m convinced if it wasn’t for Mark, we wouldn’t have landed the property. Thanks Mark!read more
Davide Sedda
Davide Sedda
17:37 22 Jul 21
Mark will take care of your purchasing from the very first moment by helping you to locate the zone/city you prefer, analysing... the property, arranging visits, inspecting the property while visiting it, making the offer, reviewing all the documents etc.He will provide all the info you need related to taxation, necessary documents, steps for the future.Even after the purchase, you'll get his help in case of doubts or inexperience related to owning a property in Spain.The fee for his services is first of all very fair, and most important thing, it's worth every cent to have a counselor by your side who has as primary interest the happiness and the safety of the clients.Mark knows how the property world works in Spain, that's why for expats it's highly recommended and probably the best resource you'll more
Bob van der Beek
Bob van der Beek
21:22 18 Jul 21
When I embarked on my adventure of looking for a second home in Barcelona, while living in my home country of the Netherlands, I... quickly realized that the legal aspects of buying property abroad come with great risks with major financial implications. I learned from my first encounters with the Spanish property market that you absolutely need an experienced, senior advisor on site to avoid all the pitfalls associated with buying property in a country where you don't speak the language and don't have enough local knowledge about how things work.Working with Mark Carr from Spain Advisors to fulfill my dream of owning my own second home in Barcelona has been an amazing journey. The project I chose to invest in was a highly complex, multifaceted and massive renovation project that involved the conversion of a dilapidated 19th century factory building into over 50 industrial urban loft apartments. At the time when I started considering buying one of these apartments, the project was still in its early stages and there were a lot of uncertainties. Despite the setbacks and challenges we encountered along the way, Mark provided excellent support every step of the way, from the initial project assessment and due diligence to negotiating and preparing the purchase agreement, followed by monitoring progress during the construction phase, up to and including the final delivery of the apartment, the signing of the deed and the registration.During the project, Mark always kept a close eye on what was needed in each phase, gave me relevant and pragmatic advice and represented me in person at key moments towards parties such as the project developer, the bank, the notary and the registry office. The assurance that Mark was aware of all the legal issues brought peace of mind and allowed me to fully enjoy the entire construction process and move into the apartment immediately on the day of completion!Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Mark to anyone considering buying a home in Barcelona!read more
Common Questions
Is 2021 a good time to buy a property in Barcelona?

Yes, international demand is currently suppressed. A lot of overseas buyers can’t travel to Barcelona now, and the local market is currently weak. Thus, owners are forced to negotiate down the price. Once COVID is over, costs will probably go

Can you help me get a mortgage?

Yes. we can take you to a large bank in Barcelona to ask questions and get their terms. Or I can organize a Zoom call. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and banks lend up to 80% of the purchase price. These rates won't last long.

How do I know if the price I see online is fair?

By visiting properties and comparing prices. There’s no other way; you have to see the properties one at a time. There's no market price in Barcelona as each property is unique. So sellers pick a price and hope for the best.

Do I really need someone to help me find and buy property in Spain?

Your call. The vast majority of the Google Reviews say 'yes' as it saves you time, stress, and sometimes money. Several issues from title to taxes will probably come up. See Buyer's Agent article.

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