We Help You Buy Property in Barcelona

If you’re a non-Spaniard thinking about buying property in or near Barcelona, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in helping foreign buyers find and buy property in Barcelona and the rural areas nearby.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Negotiating the Price of Property in Barcelona
There is no ‘market’ price in Barcelona. Sellers list for the price they want and hope for the best. Negotiating is necessary. There are no guarantees, but having experience negotiating property prices in Barcelona can make a difference. For us to be effective, please do not discuss price with the seller or their agent. Read a true story.

A True Buying Story


Noah, from California, bought a flat near the beach in 2017: “My experience was really good. I looked for about 8 months in Raval, Gothic Quarter, Gracia and Barceloneta. Most of the agents don’t speak much English, so I couldn’t get complete information. I also had trouble knowing if a listed price was fair. 


A Brief Overview of the Search & Buy Process

1. We Meet & Discuss:

  • What you are looking for, the market and your buying possibilities
  • The property’s total costs, taxes & mortgages
  • Search tips, pitfalls, tricks, etc.
  • Spain’s Golden Visa

2. Property Search

  • You send us your property requirements & desires
  • We send you properties that meet them
  • You tell us which ones to visit

3. Property Visit

  • We meet the owner or their agent in the property
  • We look for the positive and negative aspects and report back to you with photos and a summary
  • You decide if you want to proceed

4. Due Diligence

  • We research the property’s legal documents
  • Our goal is to uncover adverse information related to the property, its owner, tax liens, mortgages, the building, etc. 
  • Research zoning laws
  • Negotiate a price

5. You Decide to Buy the Property

  • We advise on mortgages and money transfers
  • Negotiate and prepare the pre-purchase agreement(s)
  • Resolve other issues that arise

6. Closing

  • We prepare the deed of sale with the notary public
  • Work with your bank to ensure correct payment
  • Accompany you to sign the deed 


How can we assist you?

Property Search

Professional assistance locating quality real estate in the Barcelona area.

Property Purchase

Professional assistance purchasing quality real estate in the Barcelona area.

NIE’s & Visas

We help you obtain a Spanish ID number (NIE) and an immigrant visa to live in Spain.

Bank & Mortgage

We open your Spanish bank account, advise on money transfers and on mortgages.

From Our Clients

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Bob and Teresa Hunter
New York, NY

My wife and I found Mark as we began our quest to find a second home in Barcelona. Not only were we very happy with the service he provided on the legal front, he gave us invaluable advice as to how to best to look and judge potential properties.
He also educated as to potential pitfalls to look out for. When we did find the property to buy, he was invaluable in working with

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Daniel Zaynullin

My experience with Spain Advisors was great, I had no problems at all. I searched for about 2 months and saw about 30. I advise you buy soon as prices are going up. Good flats sell fast. Be sure to check all aspects of the property very carefully, there may be hidden problems without a solution. I am very happy with the property I bought, it was below my budget and it was renovated so no headaches looking for contractors. The purchase went smooth. I would recommend Spain Advisors to a friend, definitely.

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Jasper Stein
London, UK

My wife and I saw about ten flats and met several real estate agents. Their goal, obviously, is to show the property’s positive aspects and persuade you to buy for the listed price. It’s important to remember that they earn a commission of the sale’s price. When we expressed an interest in a flat, they applied some pressure on us to force to a decision. Sometimes after only one visit.

The Real Estate Agent and Spain Advisors

Your first contact is normally with an Agent. Very nice people, however:

The Real Estate Agent

  • They work for the Seller.
  • They are paid a commission of the sale’s price; the higher the price, the higher the commission.
  • They like to move quickly: show the property – close the deal. Going too fast is a main cause of Buyer mistakes.

Spain Advisors Agent

  • We’re paid by You. We work for You.
  • We negotiate for the lowest possible price.
  • We prod along very slowly. Each document and contract is carefully analyzed to ensure it’s correct. Some agents say we slow things down. We accept it as a compliment.

About us

Welcome to our website. We’re glad you’re here and we admire your interest in Barcelona.

After years of working in Barcelona we’ve seen more than one foreigner pay too much for their property. Why? They did not have enough information before they agreed to a price.

At Spain Advisors we strive for a fair price by insisting on access to the important information you need before you agree on a price. Then you can decide if it’s fair.

Our Fees

You want to know what things cost. Straight answers about legal services can be hard to get (we’ve been there). Out of respect for you, we publish our fees.

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