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We Help You Buy Property in Barcelona

This includes: Finding a Property, Negotiating the Price, Advising on a Mortgage, Managing the Purchase Process, Transferring Funds to Spain and Signing the Deed.


A Buyer’s True Story


Antonio bought an apartment with a sunny terrace in central Barcelona. He relocated from Italy with his wife and family. When he bought the property, workers were repairing the building’s facade (front). As work progressed they found additional damage requiring more repairs. The question was: Who had to pay for the new repairs? The previous owner or Antonio?

“I was nervous. Buildings are very expensive to repair in Barcelona. Mark was helping me with the purchase and I’m glad he was.” There was a meeting of flat owners and the construction company to decide the issue. “Mark was there to argue on our behalf. Fortunately, they decided the previous owner had to pay the new repairs as they related to the original damage. A multi-thousand-euro relief for me.”

“I’ve gone back to Mark for assistance with other issues since then and he’s always been straight”. Regarding Barcelona: “I’m glad I bought here. It’s a good investment and a nice place to live: the weather, sea, restaurants, street fairs. It’s an exciting place with a lot going on.”


Central Barcelona near Antonio’s new apartment




The Purchase Process

1. Initial Phase

We talk to you about your plans, help you locate a property, explain the total cost and advise about a mortgage (if necessary).

2. Visiting the Property

We visit the property with you, assess its pro’s and cons, meet the Seller or their Agent and negotiate a fair price.

3. You Decide to Buy

We analyze the property’s legal documents to confirm the Seller’s identity, find outstanding mortgages, unpaid building repairs and related issues.

4.- Closing the Deal

We negotiate and draft the pre-sales Arras contract, iron out the details, help you transfer funds and prepare for closing before the public notary.


About us

Welcome to our website. We’re glad you’re here and we admire your interest in Barcelona. We help non-Spaniards buy quality real estate in Barcelona.

After working in real estate in and near Barcelona for several years, we’ve learned one undeniable truth: non-Spaniards normally pay too much for the property. Why? They did not have enough information before they agreed to a price.

At Spain Advisors we strive to achieve an honest deal by insisting on access to the important property information before you agree on a price. With this information, together we decide if it’s fair.

Spain Advisors or the Real Estate Agent

Your first contact is normally with an Agent. In general, very nice people. However:

The Real Estate Agent

  • They’re paid by the Seller. They work for the Seller. They’re on the Seller’s side.
  • The Agent earns a commission of the sale’s price. They strive to sell for a high price.
  • They like to move quickly: show the property, receive payment, close the deal. Going too fast is a main cause for Buyer mistakes.

Spain Advisors Agent

  • We’re paid by You. We work for You. We’re on Your side.
  • We study the market and strive for the lowest price possible.
  • We prod along very slowly. Each document and contract is carefully analyzed to ensure it’s fair to You. Some agents complain that we slow things down. We accept this as a compliment.

Our Fees

You have a budget and need to know what things cost. Straight answers about legal services can be hard to get (we’ve been there). Out of respect for you and your time, we publish our fees.


From Our Clients

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What can we assist you?

Buy Property

Professional assistance locating and purchasing quality real estate in the Barcelona area.

NIE’s & Visas

We help you obtain a Spanish ID number (NIE) and an immigrant visa to live in Spain.

Bank Services

We open your Spanish bank account, advise on money transfer and on applying for a mortgage.


Advice on Will preparation for each country where you own assets.


Live your Dream in Barcelona!

The Culture, Warm Weather, Cuisine, History. It’s a relaxed lifestyle in an exciting place.

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